''Flower Bouquet'' >> diTha

nowadays, a flower dress is kinda easy to find..departement store, mom's old clothes, flea market, branded boutique, garage sale, anywhere! i bought this dress at pasar gedebage about a year ago, i forgot the exact price but i think its around Rp. 15000 ($ 2)..when i first wearing this dress, it looked awful.. it's not as pretty as i imagined before, because it loosing the curves of your body, made me look hundred years older, so dull, and just a boring dress..
so i decided to make a green obi..just to give it curves, and i really like how it turned out..
so, if you have a dress thats too big or make you look fat, try to wear it with obi..you can have it made in a tailor, you can make it at any size you like, and its not expensive.. check out your closet, girl, or maybe your mom's closet, hope you'll find something that you can work out with obi..

Price list:
-vintage sunglasses : Zara
-dress : pasar gedebage
-gold wallet : Ted Baker, price by request
-gold bangles : demoda fatmawati, Rp 30000 ($ 3)
-gold sandals : vnc, borrowed from mom