''Floral Concerto" >> diTha

we took this picture for some unpublished project..
this picture is an example that fashion doesn't have to cost you a fortune..i don't have the whole-body picture,,but by looking to this picture, i hope you can get my message..check out the flower print on the skirt..the colour is still very bright and overall it's still in good condition,,
here's the price list (u'll b amazed):
- white shirt : pasar blok-M Rp.15000 (about $1.5)
-florat skirt : pasar gedebage Rp.8000 (about $1)
-gold bracelet : pasar asemka Rp.12000 each (about $1.5)
-orange belt : pasar gedebage Rp. 7500 (less than $1)
see..you will never know what you can find in flea market near you!
ooppss..i made an exception for the necklace, because i bought it in forever21 and it cost Rp 80000 (about $8)..hohoho