''Size does matter'' >> diTha

hello...me again! hoho..
i bought this faded jeans together with Heidy and we both think that faded jeans rules!! we found them at pasar gedebage..actually they were too big for us but we had it repaired in our tailor right away so they fit us perfectly..but the problem is, the jeans is too tight, really really stick to your feet, skinny, and they really reveal the shape of your feet..to all the girls with small nice thighs, you're soooo lucky!! i have a problem with my hip and thigh,,they're big, so if i wear this jeans with a waisted-long shirt, you will see me like a big spoon walking! so i have to wear it with something longer in order to cover all those things.. luckily, i have this superdupercool white shirt, it's see-trough, very light, and it makes you look cleaner, and its long enough to cover my hip!
few years ago, we didn't have this kind of problem because we were still wearing those baggy, flare, boot cut or whatever you named it..but now, if you have the same problem with me, my suggestion is wear it with something long and light,,just don't push yourself too hard and try to still matching it with short shirt..so sorry to say, but it won't look nice..hope it helps!
Price List :
-vintage sunglasses : Zara
-necklaces : Forever 21 Rp 80000 each ($ 9)
-white shirt : Zara
-Faded jeans : pasar gedebage Rp 25000 ($ 3),
-jeans repairation cost Rp 10000 ( about $1.5)
-red gladiator : mitchybell
-gold bangle : demoda fatmawati
-black Givenchy bag : borrowed from mom