''Wednesday Movie'' >> diTha

Heidy has been talking constantly about 'Earth' (the movie) since forever..so today, i decided to watch it with my boyfriend...i thought its gonna be a boring movie..but i was completely wrong...so you should go watch it, too!! and together we can do something for earth before its too late.. its amazing to see many part of earth with any living animal on it, with different food, different way to survive, and everything! so you can see the effect of global warming from many point of view...
So lets go green and save mother earth!!

Price list:
-gold necklace : forever21 Rp 80000 (about $8)
-floral shirt : gedebage Rp 5000 (less than $1)
-jeans short : colorbox, forgot the price
-red gladiator : mitchybell
-black bag : zara