"Great Saturday" >> Heidy

God..what a day!!!

Today..I'm so proud of my friend Deste because she's the 1st winner of FISIP UNPAR's LKTM (Lomba Karya Tulis Mahasiswa)..waww..great great job girl..see,all u need to do is just take it on the D-day,no need to worry of anything..hoho..you know what I mean!!..the other great thing that happen today was watching, my favorite Indonesian bassist player, Barry Likumahuwa live on stage, and for free (the best part!!)..hoho..what a great great stage act..keep on doing the great job..i'm so gonna buy your new album..hoho

Today's outfit :

Yellow jacket : Mooks
Black u can see : Pasar Gedebage
Faded skinny jeans : Pasar Gedebage
Bangles : Pasar Asemka
Watch : Guess watch
Black bag : gift from my lovely Dad
Electric blue gladiator : Mitchybelle