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hi guys..meet my friend, Yoza! We always spend Thursday together..
yesterday, we went to pvj and Dago pakar just to take this photo..and when we got there, the sun was already set..but whatever..
We've spent almost the whole evening eating!! if i have to compete in an eating contest, he will be the perfect match for me..
first, we had lunch at solaria and then less than 4 hour later we had dinner at abuba.. we spent a whole lot money in the 1st day of this month..great, so we'll gonna be eating around from warteg to warteg at the end of this month.. i'm sooo looking forward to it joy... hehehe

Price List:
-black shirt : Zara Indonesia, forgot the price.
-blue jeans : Zara London, £ 19
-orange suspender : Topman, Rp 179.000 ( about $ 20)
-purple flat shoes : next london
-black bag : Zara Indonesia

-jeans by levi's
-shoes : Lacoste
-shirt : junkfood
-brown hoodie jacket : 16 d'scale pvj