Fashion Dresses For Teens

DITHA : i dont know where to start..ok, here it goes..
as you all can see, floral dress is kinda trend right now..many people wear it with different style..floral dress makes you look chick and feminine..
but please, be careful while picking your dress..some of them are so ugly..
look at this one! i'm speechless..
the colour is sooo wrong, the flower pattern is too big and if you wear it, people will look at you but not in a good way.. although this dress is not expensive (under $8), but puh-leeaasssee..

HEIDY : first time Ditha showed me this picture..i only can laugh!!! not only laugh actually..LOL..hohohohoooho
ooo no!!!! on earth someone will wear this ridiculous dress?? well,no offense OK??..seriously, this dress looks like it made from bedsheet, doesn't it??'s OK if you're not in same opinion with me..well,'s really cool if you follow any fashion trends without becoming fashion victims..right!!..