Teen Fashion School

DITHA : first let me tell you about this dress..actually this is one single dress, they put this white material with the pattern one, and it comes with a black belt..ooow how nice, what a perfect perfect match..
i don't even know who in the world would wear this dress..what was the designer thinking? maybe they want to create a uniform-like dress but yet still trying to look stylish..nice try guys! uum..but try harder..please.. this dress is too long if you want to wear it with pants, but there's no way you wear nothing beneath it, because the material is too sheer..but i dont know, its my opinion..

HEIDY: wawww..another silly dress!!! what more can I say?? but..wait..it looks good on you Dit..hohooho...just kidding girl..I actually got nothing to say..
yeah..I also agree with Ditha..what was on the designer thought?? i guess maybe he/she's trying to design some trendy dress..well..it was really nice try..but..mmm..i don't know..maybe it's kinda trying too hard..hoho..but,it's OK if you girls want to wear it..as long as it won't turn you to be fashion victims..once more..AVOID BEING FASHION VICTIMS!!!!