''Saturday Fever'' >> diTha

Today, me and my best friend, Manda, were ready to set off for mall..its been a long time since our last window shopping..hoho..
We ate sushi and just jumped from one store to another try to find something which we didn't even know what we're looking for...
we both found things that we really like at Zara, but we don't like the price.. its way too expensive for college girls like us..hope we can find a future job that will earn us much money to buy stuffs at Zara, nine west, mango, etc..so please help us God..and then we took picture in photobox, just like highschool girls..
we ate more food at yakun kaya toast and just had a nice ride home with no traffic..thank God..
It was funny to see gazzillion people in mall with different ages and different style..
some of them dressed up really good with unique style, but some of them, i found it very tedious and forced to wear something that doesn't suitable for their body or even their age..but oh well,,we're young generation,,so feel free to wear anything you like, do anything to your body and whatever you like before you grow old and fat..but please people, i'm begging you please, do it with style....

price list:
-stripe shirt : Zara Indonesia, Rp 299.000 ($ 30)
-jeans short : colorbox, forgot the price
-red gladiator : mitchybell
-black bag : Zara Indonesia
-vintage sunglasses : Zara Indonesia, Rp 339.000 ($ 34)