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hi..meet my boyfriend, Reza.. we've been together for two and a half years..

today we're going to watch iron man..hoho.. this is my first time tagging him into our blog, and i hope i wont get addicted to it, because once it happens, this blog is gonna be all about him..hohoho..in this picture, you cant see his shoes clearly, so i enclosed the photo of the shoes only..

price list :

-bikers jacket : panelli, forgot the price, i bought it about 7 years ago
-pattern top : Zara, Rp 124.900 (about $13)
-white bag : rockmen, Rp 80.000 ($8)
-faded jeans : gedebage, Rp 25000 (less than $3)
-necklaces by forever21
-shoes : next london

Reza :
-glasses by gucci
-brown sweater : zara man
-pants : gedebage, Rp 25000 (less than $3)
-watch : guess
-shoes : topman London