"Lalaluv!!" >> Heidy

Today I actually have got nothing to say but I have something to show..hoho

It’s me & my lalaluv..
Kinda confuse describing his style because he is the only one that can describe it..one thing for sure he’s got his own signature style..and I do love it!!..And also we both are flea market hunter!!..yeahhhh!!!

Today's outfit :
Dress and bag : inheritance from my lovely mum
Vest : Pasar Gedebage Rp.7500 (less than $1)
Necklace : Forever21 and Smoothie Dayspot
Bangle : Pasar Asemka Rp.10.000 (about $1)
Sandals : Bellagio Rp.99.000 (about $10)

Carl's outfit:
Cardigan : Pasar Senen Rp.5000 (less than $1)
Shirt and pants : I forget where did he buy it..^^
Necklace : Adidas All Blacks NZ
Shoes : Converse HMV S$60