''Road Trip'' >> diTha

Yesterday, we've just arrived from Jakarta, actually there were nothing special about our outfit, but we're in a good mood to do something fun..and the sun, the wind and the weather were perfect, so we decided to do a photoshoot and it turns out really cool..so here are our photos, enjoy...
price list:
-faded jeans : pasar gedebage, Rp 25000( less than $3)
-orange flip flop : 347, Rp 50000 ($5)
-black batman shirt : forgot the price
-hat : topman, $38
-necklace : forever21, Rp 90000 ($9)
Yoza :
-shoes by Lacoste
-jeans : Stamp FO, Rp 120000 ($12), Levi's replica
-beatles shirt : Pasaraya Grande, Rp 40000 ($ 4)