>> We Owned The Night << Heidy

Today I finally watched Indiana Jones 4 with my besties (again!!)..Mmm..this movie has already in my must seen movie list since last year, when I knew that Shia LaBeouf will be appeared in this movie..hoho!!
But, it seems that our big struggle to watch this movie not so worth it!!..huhu.. Yeahh..in our opinion, this movie is really weird and too much visual effect!! It wasn’t as good as our expectation.. But luckily, Shia LaBeouf made me and Amanda wanna lala!!..and not forget to mention that Harisson Ford himself has took Deste and Moniq breath away !! haha..
Anyway, before we watched, we did have yummy Auntie Anne’s session (which I’ve been dreaming about lately!!..hihi!!)..go pretzels!!

Today’s outfit :
Oversize shirt : I got it in Michael Jackson live in concert at S’pore 1997
Faded skinny jeans : Pasar Gedebage Rp. 33.000 (less than $4)
Scarf : Pasar Gedebage Rp. 5.000 (less than $1)
Bag : Pasar Gedebage Rp. 15.000 (about $2)
Bangles : the green and turquoise are from a Batik stand at IP Rp. 15.000 each (about $2), the black one is from Pasar Asemka Rp. 10.000 ($1)
Gladiator sandals : Mitchybelle

"Mmm..what a tempting prince!!! hoho.."

Moniq’s :
Shirt : Online shopping Rp. 35.000 (less than $4)
Skinny corduroy pants : Pasar Gedebage Rp. 20.000 ($2)
Ethnic necklace : Malioboro (Yogya) Rp.15.000 (about $2)
Bag : Elizabeth
Sandals : Symbolize PVJ

Amanda’s :
Shirt : Pasar Gedebage Rp. 7.500 (less than $1)
Skinny jeans : Pasar Senen Rp. 10.000 ($1)
Bangles : ITC Cempaka Mas Rp. 35.000 (less than $4)
Bag : Pasar Gedebage Rp. 25.000 (less than $3)
Sandals : VNC

Adeste’s :
Shirt : Number 61 Rp. 35.000 (less than $4)
Blazer : Horny Rp. 65.000 (less than $7)
Scarf : Pasar Gedebage Rp. 5.000 (less than $1)
Skinny jeans : Tailor made
Bag : Tajur (Bogor)
Flats : Bata Rp. 40.000 ($4)

Yayy..I can tell..We did own the night, girls!!!
I’ll see you within a week OK!