''Breakfst with Boys'' >> ditha

earlier this day, we had breakfast together, and we ate waffles..yuummm...
this waffle place is a 2 story building, we ate at the 2nd floor, and there were just us on that floor,, so we can easily took photo without embarassing ourself..hohoh.. im so sorry i cant post you the all the detail of their outfit..because i dont know all of them,, next time will be better..
price list:
-orange cardi : pasar gedebade, Rp 12000 (bout $1)
-stripes shirt : pasar gedebage, Rp 25000 (less than $3)
-gold necklace : forever21, RP 90000 ($9)
-faded jeans : pasar gedebage, Rp 25ooo (less than $3)
-white shoes : raffles FO, vans replica, Rp 158000 (about $16)
Yoza :
-mr. messy shirt : mangga dua
-faded grey jeans : Stamp FO, Rp 120000($12)
-shoes by Lacoste
Johan :
-black shirt : java jazz, Rp 60000 ($6)
-shoes : onitsuka
-hat by nike