>> Another Sunday << Heidy

Sunday is the day that I go to church.. And after the Sunday service, I usually hang out with my friends from my church. Hmmmm…but I guess not today, because everyone has already had their own plan… But, before each of us leave, we still had enough time to take some pictures..hoho!! Girls…!!!

Today’s outfit :
Floral blazer : Pasar Gedebage Rp.5.000 (less than $1)
White shirt : Rusty
Skinny jeans : Tailor made
Orange necklace : Malioboro Yogya Rp.25.000 (less than $3)
Vintage bag : Pasar Senen Rp.25.000 (less than $3)
Black sequin flats : Glassons NZ $19

Ria’s :
Floral dress : Pasar Gedebage Rp.10.000 ($1)
Red cardigan : BTC Rp.90.000 ($9)
Necklace : BTC Rp. 45.000 (less than $5)
Bag : Pasar Gedebage Rp. 35.000 (less than $4)
Semi-gladiator sandals : Michelle Rp.150.000 (about $16)

Utet’s :
Vintage shirt : Friday market at Pusdai Bandung Rp. 5.000 (less than $1)
Skirt : umm..she forgot where she bought it.. duh!!
Wide belt : a gift
Bag : BTC Rp. 150.000 (about $16)
Gold flats : EST Rp.170.000 (about $18)

Okey dokey..I guess that’s all for today!!