>> Love 'em << Heidy

Hey hey..
check out!!!...

"Ci'Huy+Ci'Amik+Ci'Pikacipiki's favorite couple!!!"

from : http://www.stylesightings.com/index.php/page/2/
- Katy Perry & Travis (GCH)-

..aww don't they look super great together ?!?!!??..
I was actually really glad knowing that they're couple, since Katy Perry was like one of my fave singer (in addition, she also has good taste of fashion as well!!) and Travis was one of Ci'Pikacipiki and Ci'Amik's fave boy. Ci'Pikacipiki told me that they're very stylish in their own ways, and yess, I agreed with you Ci'!!!...hohohohohoho!!!!!!