>>So Fresh<<

My Picks from Just Cavalli Fall 2009 RTW..

Oooo my!!..I couldn't resist the collections!!..

>>Shout It Out!!!<<

Found these from http://www.knighttcat.com/ and I can only shout...



Enjoy...Meadham Kirchhoff vs William Rast!!

Meadham Kirchhoff

William Rast

>> The Vessel <<

“Its times to take to the stage and i move out the way
So that they only see you that’s inside of me
Don't let me block the view, that’s not what i wanna do
I gotta be see through
Make sure they see you, make me invisible”

by Kierra Sheard

"dress to express NOT TO IMPRESS"
..but don’t just to express yourself, but HE that is inside of you!!..*
That’s what I got from the lyric.

*one of my friend helped me out to create this sentences. So everyone who read will get the message..hehe..Thanks Mar!!

>> Who's Next ?? <<

Shoebites HIM !!

Shoesbites HER !!!

Order to 08388661472....!!!! or Mail to shoebites_her@yahoo.com/shobites_him@yahoo.com ....
Catch yaa!!

>> Memoirs <<

I went to Bandung yesterday in order to attending my friend’s wedding and also to finish the unfinished stuff.
I started with attending my friend’s wedding on Sunday and then on Monday, I went to my campus to take my graduation certificate and also to support my besties’ thesis session. I’m really happy that they both can through it successfully. Yayy..Amanda & Achel..so proud of you both, dearies!!!

What I Wore (yesterday):

Printed Mini-Dress : Dress-Up,order by phone to Angga (081574749008)
White Sleeveless : Pusdai Friday Market, Rp. 5.000 (less than $1)
Acid Wash Jeans : Custom made
Ethnic Necklace : SVS
Some random bracelets
Vintage Hand-bag : Gift from my besties
Fringed Boots : ZARA

Honestly, visiting Bandung makes me don't wanna leave the town!!!...huhuhuhu!!!