>>Looking For Something New<<

Spent this whole day with my boyfriend, Carl. Started with going to church and afterwards we went to Teraskota (Serpong), to meet some friends and also to see how the place looks like.

Here's some photos that I took :

Meet our friend, Sandy

Gail, on an awesome acoustic performance

Anyway, we also spotted a new place that sells something like froyo , but as we went to check it out, it actually sells some frozen kefir. Well, haven’t heard such thing before..hehehe..

And this is what I wore today :

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Military Jacket and Printed Sleeveless Dress : Bloop (P.S Love the jacket so much!)
Shiny Purple Leggings : TRF ZARA
Studded Boots : custom made at Shoebites

OK then..that’s all for today. I’m gonna off to bed now. Good night!!