>>Lucky Number 11<<

What's with the title,eh?

Here's a full coverage.

I was really thankful, when Mba' Nila from Centro Dept. Store offered me the opportunity to become one of VIP Blogger joining the Centro Shopping-Rally, which was actually a part from the launching of Centro's website, www.centro.co.id.
The event was held at Centro, Plaza Semanggi on December 11,2009, which means yesterday.
It was such a big enthusiasm and I guess let the pics below tell you how the shopping rally was..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What I Wore :
Vintage Blouse (as an outerwear) : Pasar Gedebage Rp.5.000 (less than $1)
Sleeveless Black Top and Leather Boots : Endorse
Dual-Tone Leggings : De.cada.dia by Bethanny Putri
Layered Silver Necklace : Forever21

Before the shopping rally, I had dinner and double-checked my shopping list.

And here's at the event hall, couple minutes before the press conference started.

It's me with Mba' Nila..

Me, Silly from sillystupidlife, and Mas Tuhu..

The press-con about Centro's website, www.centro.co.id
A site where you can get more fabulous looks and find out the next event from Centro Dept.Store.

Few minutes left before the shopping rally, got the 2.000.000 IDR voucher in my hand.
FYI, a challenge for VIP Blogger is that we have to spend the voucher to buy at least 15 items. A winner will get a special gift.
Well, let's see if I could do it.

This is it!! We are so ready to hit the shopping rally!! Can't you see some spirit there??..hohoho..

Me with the other blogger who won the Centro "Calling All Onliners" challenge. They are Bethanny Putri, Lidwina Grata and one of my besty Anggin.

Here's the results feed during the shopping rally :

It's time to pay!!

So, I bought myself 11 items, with extra charge 26.000 IDR..hehehe..

And oh, there's one more rule. After we done with the rally, we have to mix-match all the things we bought. And this was the best I could do less than 5 minutes.

Each of us also gotta show what we bought.

Surprisingly and also the best part, I WON THE CHALLENGE!!! wooohoooooo..

Big thanks to Centro Dept. Store for giving me the opportunity and for making this amazing event. You guys rock!!!!

Last but not least, here's what I bought :

Bought 11 more new items on Dec 11 and got so lucky to win the challenge.

That's why I call it, Lucky Number Eleven!!