First Impression

This is what usually happen to my hair. I have an oily scalp. My hair gets greasy so quickly, especially during my office hour and getting more greasier as the day goes on. Since I also have very thin hair, the most common annoying thing to happen, it turns out making me look so dull. Eventually, having an oily scalp also causes hair-loss.
Oh,can you imagine how I really want to get rid of this? Been suffering to get a perfect hair-care to over this unsightly situation.

Until the offer to review the Elseve Nutri-Gloss Light series came to me, I was very interested to try these products, both shampoo and conditioner.
I have had them since last week, and after several days using, in my opinion, I can feel that both of these two products worked effectively together. Plus, the products contained Pearl Protein combined with Citrus, which is very interesting combination.

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They made my hair feels so clean and looks shiny. Even more, my hair feels lighter than before without looking flat, due to that I always want to play with my hair..hehehe... Not forget to mention, the best part is, they both smell really really nice.

Well,I guess to find one that works for you will take some time, but since these products worked pretty well on me, I will definitely gonna switch to them and give them a try. They also won't cost you a lot of money (FYI. they come up with the new price, Shampoo (180ml/200ml): Rp.19.900, Conditioner (180ml): Rp.22.000). So what to wait? For those who suffer the same hair problem like me, I highly recommend you to try them.

And now, I'm so ready to go to work without worry too much about my oily hair.
Thanks L'Oreal for giving me the opportunity. Definitely "World Class Hair Care is in Our Hands".

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wearing cropped vintage shirts-Pasar Senen, DIY Ts-Topman, khaki long skirt-Lee Cooper, tiny belt-Pasar Gedebage, navy flats-Wondershoe

all photos by : Carl Ronaldo