The Journey of White Oleander

This season, Nikicio Femme latest resort 2011 collection, entitled "The White Oleander", offers you a fresh, youthful look, with an interesting twist. 
Nina Nikicio, the young designer behind this remarkable line, was inspired by the tale of The White Oleander. The story itself tells a journey and experience by young Astrid through a series of foster homes after her mother was serving time in jail.

"Beautiful, Dangerous, Proud"
three words simply arrived from the movie and described the whole collection best,

I can honestly tell that I was hugely impressed by the whole collection. Again, they strongly define young Astrid's journey. Well worth the investment!

wearing neutral outerwear-unbranded, sheer maxi dress and lbd (worn inside)-Pasar Senen, vintage necklace-Jalan Surabaya, boots-Mango