Long Hair Styles Gallery - 4

long wavy hair styles

Adriana is wearing a classic good-looking long wavy hair style. This style can be created by first adding a volumizing product all over damp hair. Next blow dry the hair using a large round brush. Apply a heat styling cream and use a medium to large barrel curling iron to add all-over bouncy waves. Make sure that you allow the hair to completely cool before trying to position the hair.

>We have a lot of long hair style pictures in our gallery. Keep looking at all the different varieties of long hair styles and let us know what your favorite long hair style is! Long hair styles are prevalent among celebrities, tv shows and advertisements. There are also a lot of different looks for prom and homecoming.

Before investing your time in growing out your hair, it may be a good idea to try fake hairpieces to see if you like the way a long hair style looks on you. The styles are curly long hair styles, straight and sleek hair styles and some wavy hair styles. There are many different hair care products that can be used to achieve some of these long hair style looks. Check out our Shop section and search by the particular hair issue you have or want to achieve.