Another Chance

Call me super late, but seriously I don't have anything in mind besides a great eagerness to join this event, Asia Fashion Exchange 2011. I still remember last year, when I was joining this competition but unfortunately  I lost.  Stay in believe there will always be another chance to chase my dreams. And thank God, this is it. Godspeed!

Three main reasons why they should give me a chance to join this event :
1. Fashion is my real passion.  As a fashion blogger who also work as a fashion reporter to a local magazine for campus girls, this kind of event always gets me excited. Sitting nicely and seeing a great collection from talented designers, looking at the stylish guests and taking more candid shots of them. Those things just always inspired me.
2. It's been always one of my dreams to travel abroad, not going for a vacation but to see a fashion event.
3. To dress-up and gather with people who have their own signature style from different country, nothing more delightful than that.

So, please give me a chance.